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Oh Yeah, This is (A) Program of (A)ction.






Greetings Ladies and Gents
: Thank You for visiting this page.


 As someone who has chaired and lead the  WeekendWinners Beginner Meeting  I already know what you are thinking by the look on your face as you enter the room. You've just been BitchSlapped by an expensive DUI, The judge said 'Go to AA meetings and get this signed so I'll know you were there.'


 Your Random Thoughts probably resemble these:
 'What is this?, Why am I here?, Why is this happening to me?, This sucks...'


 Blah, Blah, Blah and on and on and etc. Well, Do not worry, I will sign your CourtSlip but I do want something in return for this service. Relax, I don't want your body or your money but TheZone  does want input from you. Oh, you can ClickOn out of here if you want and I won't stop you or you can choose to do yourself a favor and participate.


TheZone is a tool designed to help answer these Two Questions:

                                     1. Are You an Alcoholic?
                                     2. Is AA for You?


  As it is with many things in life someone goes first to blaze the trail and then others follow. Well, that's the plan anyway.

 So I have filled out some templates for you to look at and get an idea of what I am trying to do with TheZone.

Hopefully, as time passes, others will add their experience and TheZone will become a useful resource for Recovery from Alcoholism. You can find my entries here:


If you decide you'd like to share your stuff on here simply email me at: admin@weekendwinnerworkshop.org


and I'll help you get started with Step One.