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First Aid For The NewComer





I'm Marc and I am Alcoholic. I once was where you are now, brand new without a clue about where to start and what to do. Well, I will help you get started and I assume that you really do want to get and stay sober.

First Things First: It would be a real good idea that you obtain hard copies of the BigBook and the 12&12. It would also be a really good idea to actually READ them both.


 Do This Homework: Write  your story so you'll have something to share at meetings. This also means go to meetings. Go to as many as you can and go to different  groups.


And Do This Homework: Write about 'PowerLessNess'. What do you think it means and how did it apply to you in your drinking. Describe examples from your drinking experience.
Attend some meetings which discuss the BigBook, the 12&12 and share your work with others.